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What is Boswellia Sacra?

Boswellia Sacra What Is Boswellia Sacra?

Boswellia Sacra is the name of the species of frankincense that grows in Oman.  Hojari frankincense is Boswellia sacra frankincense that grows and is harvested from a specific area of Salalah, Oman, within in the Dhofar desert.  Along the Al Hajar mountain range. Along this side of the mountain there is little rainfall and creates the proper conditions for the best frankincense in the world to grow which is called Hojari frankincense.

This frankincense from the mountain side is called Hojari because it is named after the Al Hajar Mountains. The environmental conditions of this region effect the boswellia sacra making it a very fragrant frankincense resin, for use as incense, but also is believed to have higher levels of boswellic acid.

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Boswellia Sacra Essential Oil Boswellia Sacra Essential Oil
Boswellia Sacra: Hojari Frankincense from Oman

Boswellia sacra essential oil is made from the Hojari Frankincense resins that is collected in the Al Hajar Mountains of the Dhofar Desert of Oman.

Our Frankincense oil made from Boswellia sacra uses fine resins, and the quality of this oil is well above what is available in the market.

Boswellia sacra oil is steam distilled for 12 hours, and is made from pure resins distilled with only water.

For more information about our Boswellia Sacra oil, click on the image or follow this product link.  Boswellia Sacra Essential Oil


$45.00     per  10 ml


Royal Hojari - Royal Hojari Frankincense Royal Hojari Frankincense
Boswellia Sacra: Grade 1, Green

Royal Hojari is the green hojari frankincense rom the youngest boswellia sacra trees that are harvested in the Dhofar desert.  It is considered to have the finest aroma of all Frankincense resins.  Royal Hojari is the resin used within the palaces of the Sultan of Oman, and is believed to be what was presented to the Christ child by the three wise men.

We have a well sorted green frankincense resin.
Its aroma is wonderful, and as resin incense it is quite and relaxing.

The smoke itself is very calming, and very easy on the eyes and lungs.  Royal Hojari is used by some churches who have members with asthma.

For more information about our Royal Hojari, click on the image or follow this product link.  Royal Hojari

$30.00     per  1/8 lb


Boswellia Sacra - Superior Hojari Frankincense Superior Hojari Frankincense
Boswellia Sacra: Grade 2, Yellow, White

Superior Hojari is a very high grade of boswellia sacra resin.  It is the second grade, just below Royal Hojari.  The resin color is light yellow, and various degrees of white.

The smoke from this resin is very fine, and is also a very relaxing incense to burn.  Superior Hojari is a common favorite amongst orthodox churches. 

Superior Hojari is also collected from the younger parts of the boswellia sacra tree, and is much more available and abundant then Royal Hojari.

For more information about our Superior Hojari, click on the image or follow this product link.  Superior Hojari

$20.00     per  1/8 lb


Boswellia Sacra - High Grade Hojari High Grade Hojari
Boswellia Sacra: Grade 3, Amber, Brown

High Grade Hojari is the frankincense resin collected from the boswellia sacra tree in Oman.  This is the third grade available, and is considered a very useful grade of hojari for regular incense.

This is a much more bountiful and available boswellia sacra resin.

The colors of High Grade Hojari, are a rich Amber, and light and dark browns.

For more information about our High Grade Hojari, click on the image or follow this product link.  High Grade Hojari

$15.00     per  1/8 lb



Boswellia Sacra Powder Boswellia Sacra Resin Powder
Boswellia Sacra: Mixed Grade Hojari

Boswellia sacra powder is produced from small gravel sized hojari resins.  These gravel sized resins are ground down and pulverized into a fine resin powder.

Boswellia sacra powder is very fragrant and useful in many different purposes.

Boswellia sacra powder is an excellent ingredient for balms, oil infusions, soap making, and also the making of incense. 

For more information about our Boswellia Sacra powder, click on the image or follow this product link.  Boswellia Sacra Powder


$15.00     per  1/8 lb

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